by Pat Cupples

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This might be the biggest tree I've ever seen,
If you were here I'm sure you'd try to climb it,
There's no way you could let it be.
Should I take this picture without you?
How do I ever take another picture without you?

This might be the strongest breeze I ever felt,
And the ocean is calling me in despite myself.
I haven't felt much like swimming since you.
I just don't feel safe in the water without you.

(Chorus) You might be my former, and they tell me that you had to go
If I stop believing that, I'll lose faith in all I know
You might be my former, but you'll never be my former love.
Oh my former, former, former, Keep an eye above.

You will be the hardest cry I'll ever need
I fear that every tear that leaves my face is washing you away from me
But I can't return to the living until I'm done
I beg your memory to hang against my skin until I see the sun.


I thought these would be the bluest eyes I ever knew
As if borrowed from the water or the sky, or painted from the saddest tunes
I promise these eyes will know the pictures of me and you.
When we see yours we'll realize they were just as blue.



released April 28, 2010
PT- Vox, Guitar, Elec Guit, Piano
Max Zemanovic- Drums, percussion
Steve Belleville- Bass
Garo Yellin- Cello(s)
Syd- Guitar

Mixed and mastered by Matthew Powell




Pat Cupples Brooklyn, New York

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